X-Ray Films
We offer a variety of film solutions to satisfy your non-destructive testing needs—suitable for any exposure method—with film processors that provide outstanding quality and consistency.

We also offer quality tools for detection and measurement of radiation exposure, designed to help you measure more accurately, monitor your process and add value to your images.

INDUSTREX Products support the evolving requirements of the non-destructive testing market. Our experience in imaging science spans over one hundred years. But it’s an unbreakable commitment to product innovation and customer service that has allowed the INDUSTREX line of products to achieve superiority in the NDT industry.

Our film, chemical and processor products represent turnkey radiography solutions for non-destructive testing applications. We understand that dynamic testing environments can cause uncertainties in the operations of important projects.

Our reliable product line works under the most trying conditions and provides customers consistent, predictable results every time. With the support of world-leading imaging experts and world-class service and support INDUSTREX technology is your best choice within the most demanding test environments.