Using a specifically developed direct excitation charge coupled device (CCD) “camera”, BTX is able to collect X-ray photon data for both X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence simultaneously. This is the result of the integrated camera’s ability to de¬tect both photon position and photon energy at the same time. With energy resolution of ~200 eV (5.9 keV), BTX makes XRF analysis as simple as viewing the software spectrum display. BTX™ radically simplifies sample collection and preparation for your X-ray diffraction experiments. Typically, a sample must be finely ground and pressed into a pellet in order to ensure a sufficiently random orientation of the crystals.

BTX’s patented sample vibration chamber eliminates that issue. Requiring a mere 15 mg sample, the vibration cham¬ber’s convection process presents the instrument optics with multifarious orientations of the crystalline structure. This results in a superb X-ray diffraction pattern, virtually free of problematic preferred-orientation effects encountered when using classic preparation methods. Due to its unique powder handling system, non-mechanical goniometers, and lack of complicated moving parts, BTX™ is able to provide full laboratory-grade powder XRD perfor¬mance at a fraction of the price.


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