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January 24, 2018
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Bondmaster 600



Bondmaster 600

The BondMaster 600 delivers a powerfull combination of multiple mode bond testing software and highly advance digital electronics, providng consistenly crisp and high quali signals. wheter you are inspecting honey comb composite, metal-to metal bonds, or laminate composite.The BondMaster 600 offers exceptional ease of use thanks to its direct acess keys and streamlined interface that feature that convinient presets for common applications.The enhanceduser interface and simplified workflow of the bond master 600 offers archiving and reporting that are accesible to any level user. The resolution and brightness of the 5.7 inch VGA screen on the BondMaster 600 handheld bond tester becomes even more apparent when swicthed into full screen mode. Activated by the simple touch of a key, the full screen mode is always accesible regardless of the display mode or inspection method.


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