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January 24, 2018
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January 24, 2018
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The AIS958 is a very compact & complete digital automated x-ray system. A wide variety of samples with different thicknesses can be inspected with this unit. Thanks to the 5 axis motorized manipulator, the user has the opportunity to radiograph a sample from all angles and thus, achieve

a complete inspection. In addition to being complete, the AIS958 can be mobile with its installation in a trailer (optional). This allows the user to move over a wide area and thus respond quickly and effectively to customer requests. This shielded cabinet made of a steel structure with lead reinforcement “sandwich” type assembly : steel-lead-steel) includes a directional constant potential generator of 160 kV or 225 kV as well as a fl at panel. The AIS958 is associated with our «Inspection

Suite» of software, including our image processing software IPS012.


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